About us

From Start-Up Advisory to Commercial Real Estate Loans.

ITAQA Advisors was founded along side our single family office — we are a team of commercial real estate investment and financing specialists, business and venture advisors, and strategic business structuring experts with the track record to prove it. Together, we specialize in business advisory,, covering everyone from entrepreneurs, to institutions, to startups at every level of the investment cycle. With a main focus on management consulting, AI ITAQA Advisors provides banking and debt placement commercial real estate services, venture advisory, presentation, financial modeling, and early stage investment advisement.


  • Hamza Soufiani Morabet – General Manager
  • Hilal Mohammed Al Muhannadi – President
  • Giuliano Regonesi – CEO
  • Enrico Corbani – Planning and organization
  • Aline El Khalil – Resources and Marketing
  • Gianfranco Zante – CFO
  • John Cabot – Production