Business immigration services

Many individuals around the world are planning to come to Qatar to work. Navigating through the immigration process and understanding which visa you may qualify for can be quite difficult and confusing. It is important to understand that each visa category in Qatar has different requirements, conditions, and authorized length of stays. Usually the first step in obtaining a work visa for Qatar is to interview for a position. Once a Qatari employer offers you the position and agrees to sponsor your work visa, then you and your employer may begin moving forward in the immigration process. If an employer is willing to sponsor you, they generally already have an immigration
agent that they work with to prepare work visa applications. However, if your sponsoring employer does not currently have an established relationship with an immigration agency, feel free to contact ITAQA and we can help you get the process started.

The work visa application that you and your employer will apply for will depend on various factors. Applying for a work visa is a very complicated process that usually involves multiple steps, forms, and extensive documentation. Expats must stay in the country during the period between arrival and the conversion from the entry visa to the residence permit.

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Our Business Immigration consulting includes everything from work visas and resident permits assistance to employment compliance. We can manage all of your immigration needs once you have signed a contract with us handling all your immigration applications, taking full responsibility of the process and providing your HR Department with Real-time case statusupdates about:

  • Company Immigration Card Application: every company needs to be registered with the Ministry of Labor and Social Afairs and Department of Immigration as soon as it obtains its Commercial Registration and Trade License. Without these cards your company will not be able to sponsor (or legally employ) staf. This card will also show who is the authorized signatory of the company for immigration afairs.
  • Labor Quota application: according to your organizational chart we can assist you with the application procedures for your Labor Quota requirements with the Labor Department
  • Resident Permit: we can assist your company obtain the residency permit for your employees and managers in a fast and easy way that can bedelivered for your top management staf as an Express Services in 5 working days.
  • Family Visa: our dedicated operations team will assist your employees with the necessary formalities in order to bring their loved ones to Qatar.
  • Businessman Visa: this type of visa is issued to those who need to enter
    Qatar for business purposes for periods not in excess of three months.
  • Transfer of Sponsorship, Renewal and Cancellation of Visa